Digital escrow - take control of your high value payments

Traditional paying and escrow agents may have cumbersome and outdated processes and can take weeks to set up and pay out funds.

Law firms and corporates alike are now demanding more from their escrow providers. This is where Shieldpay can help.

Shieldpay's digital escrow solution specialises in secure, high value payments across a range of verticals from Corporate and Commercial Law, to Capital Raising, Manufacturing, Real Estate and beyond.

The Shieldpay escrow process:

Complete online escrow request Receive Contract & Terms Shieldpay completes your KYC Project funded with full visibility Funds ready to be digitally released


Why choose Shieldpay for your escrow payments:

  • Quick, efficient account opening
  • Robust compliance checks on all transacting parties
  • An online portal for full visibility over your escrow transactions
  • Stress-free payments to multiple countries
  • Trusted by over 65 UK law firms

Use the form to contact Shieldpay with your escrow requirement for a free, no-obligation quote.