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Join Shieldpay's Introducer Program

Help Us Bring Innovative Payment Solutions to More Businesses

At Shieldpay, we're on a mission to simplify high-value, complex payments and bring transparency to transactions in every sector. But as a small team, we need your help to reach more businesses and individuals who could benefit from our technology-led solution. 

By becoming a member of our Introducer Program, you can earn a fee from a successful referral. 



How it works

As an active member of our referral scheme, you can earn 10% of net revenue from any referral, or choose to donate a portion of your referral fee to charity. 

There is no ongoing commitment, and you can refer as many individualsbusinesses or transactions as you think may benefit from Shieldpay’s services.  

Read our Referral Programme Terms and Conditions.

The process is simple and straightforward:

  • Step 1 – Sign up and be accepted to the program
  • Step 2 – Introduce your network to Shieldpay's payment solutions
  • Step 3 – Shieldpay will close the deal and handle all necessary transactions
  • Step 4 – Earn a quarterly fee on any signed contracts resulting from your referrals

Partner to become a Shieldpay Introducer

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Shieldpay core use cases

Corporate Payments
Shieldpay's digital escrow and paying agent solutions are trusted by top 100 law firms in the UK for deals of all complexities and sizes. The escrow solutions are flexible across any deal profile from M&A, to supply chain payments, capital raising, and real estate transactions.

Real Estate
From conveyancing to project funding and milestone payments under a JCT, Shieldpay provides Escrow and Settlement solutions for range of Real Estate transactions. 

Shieldpay is at the forefront of delivering thousands of payments to claimants, meeting the demands of the wave of group action and class action cases that have hit the UK. We are here to support firms with their mass payouts and work with platforms to deliver synergies to the industry.

Captial Markets
Shieldpay enables firms in Private Capital Markets to better manage the funds flow of deals, alleviating the need to hold client money and providing transparency to all involved parties.  

Who can I introduce?

Shieldpay works with clients across all sectors relating to Professional Services to protect, simplify and provide complete transparency over high-value payments.
Key clients

  • Lawyers  
  • Lenders 
  • Property developers 
  • Investors 
  • Practice Management firms 
  • Accountants 
  • Insurance companies 
  • Capital Market firms – VC and PE 


Leave us your contact details and a member of the Shieldpay team will be in touch to discuss the referral programme in more detail, answer any questions you have and determine your eligibility to join. 

More about Shieldpay

How we work with firms

  • One-off transactions – For deals that are of very high value and of a complex nature, we work with firms to provide a smooth and seamless experience to their clients. 
  • CPaaS – Our self-serve platform enables firms with regular transactions to streamline their payments and deal settlements, digitising their processes and enabling them to focus on what they do best. 
  • Integration – Expand your offering. Automate the full payment process for a seamless experience for customers and end users, while simplifying transactions and reducing errors with our efficient and reliable platform. 



Why Shieldpay? 

  • Maximise efficiency – Streamline administrative tasks by completing payments faster, tracking everything in one place, and paying payees directly into their bank accounts. 
  • Reduce risk – Ensure compliance with current regulations, minimise the risk of fraud and human error, and safeguard your firm's reputation by outsourcing payments.
  • Grow your business – Build your firm's reputation in the market by providing end-to-end protection to your clients, and free up time to focus on what you do best by leaving payments to us.

Our experience

100+ Law firms
$7 billion Processed